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Workplace Safety and Occupational Health & Safety Services

We assist clients in many sectors.  Our services must account for client and sector characteristics as we assist, propose, develop or implement solutions.

Construction Employers

including construction, maintenance and repair services who deliver a diverse range of project services to clients in commercial,

industrial, institutional, residential and civil markets. 

Hospitality Employers

including liquor dispensing, packaged liquor dispensing, food and beverage, accommodation, entertainment, wagering, gaming, function and conference activities. 

Jobbing Employers

providing short term services at customers’ premises including assembly, erection, installation, maintenance and repairs.

Manufacturing Employers

producing and transporting building materials, plant equipment & tools, textiles, transportation vehicles, household appliances and substances.


Professional Employers

who provide accounting, administration, architectural, call centre, engineering, insurance and legal services.

Property Employers

who develop, operate and maintain structures for the carrying out of accommodation, business, learning, recreation and entertainment activities. 


Retail / Wholesale Employers

who recieve, store, display and transport items such as building materials, household appliances, plant equipment & tools, substances, textiles and transportation vehicles. 

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