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Workplace Safety and Occupational Health & Safety Services


2016 WHS (Work Health & Safety) available for Construction, Jobbing, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Professional Offices, Design Offices, Retail / Wholesale, Warehousing and other industries.

2016 WHSE (Health, Safety & Environment) Plan also available for Construction industry.

All WHS & WHSE Plans assist employers plan and carry out their work, meet Victorian OHS Act 2004, WHS Act(s) 2012 requirements and satisfy Australian Standard 4801 for OHS Management Systems.

The fully modifable WHS & WHSE Plans provide employers with guidelines that explain ‘what to do and when to do it’, policies, systems & procedures, all associated forms, an extensive range of safe work method statements and environmental aspect controls ready for workplace specific use. They are supported by introductory training, telephone access to our staff and an update service.

Acts, Regulations & Compliance Codes are included.

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